Discover Lymphatic Drainage
in 2014
from a (described) Master Healer,
(Retiring at the end of October, 2014)
Whether it be lymphatic drainage
or massage; this IS the very best of both in all of
the metroplex/DFW area.
(keep your immune system healthy;
avoid system OVERLOAD!)
<<<< This picture shows where lymph nodes are in greatest abundance.
Emptying all nodes and moving lymph fluid to these areas is vital to your health.
    Don't think you need
this the
back of your toothpaste
Not all lymphatic drainage techniques are the same;
This method works!
Immediate results with no muscles soreness.
    My hope is that everyone looking at this site will realize the importance of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. We take our "good health" for granted and do not realize that it could be taken away very quickly from neglect. This system must be manually moved in most people because we do not move our bodies enough to keep it working properly.  As quoted by a doctor on a news cast recently, "When things go wrong with the lymphatics, disastrous things can happen".
Please don't take this therapy lightly.
    One of the bodily systems effected by over acidity is the lymphatic system (the body's major waste removal mechanism and an important part of the immune system). The lymph acts as a scavenger picking up waste particles from cells and ensuring that they are broken down and eliminated from the body. Viruses and bacteria are also filtered out and destroyed by the lymph. With increased lymphatic congestion, immune response is lowered significantly, providing colds and other viral bacterial infections with an easy entrance into the body.*
    Removing toxins from your body is essential for maintaining good health. The lymph system is equally important as other systems of our body but not enough information is out there on manual lymphatic drainage for prevention of problems. There is a lot of information about lymphodema and lymphoma but by the time you are researching these things, it's too late for
    The lymph system works from movement of our bodies but today, we are too sedentary in our lifestyles and sometimes because there are so many toxins we are inundated with each day, just movement is not enough.
    For the system to perform its function optimally, it must have an alkaline environment* but again most of us eat way too much acidic. We should be eating 80% alkaline (more fresh fruits & veggies) and 20% acidic (bread, meat. cheese, etc) each day. Go on line a find a chart on eating in this manner.
Also, AVOID meet products (beef) that has been "enhanced" using hormones; ie: Estrogen. More and more breast problems are caused by this. 
    The procedure is a very gentle pulling of the skin and the results are immediate and lasting. This is not lymphatic massage like some therapists do; this is lymphatic drainage.
Please enjoy the site and feel free to contact me with any questions. 
    I am located in the Riverbend Office Building in Richland Hills between Trinity Blvd. & Randol Mill Road. Convenient to Loop 820 (east), I-30, & Airport Frwy. 121.
Office Hours:
    Monday, Tuesday, Friday -- 9am - 6pm*
    Saturday -- 9am - 3pm*
* Last client taken
      * Nourishing The Body Temple by Simone Gabbay
I cannot emphasize the seriousness of this
site enough; YOUR lymph system can be
cleansed and YOU CAN avoid
dealing with major health issues!
* ... not lymphatic massage.
    The difference is LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE is:
        A gentle, light pulling of the skin to the extent of the stretch
        in one direction.
        Moving the skin in any direction using a deeper "massage like"
LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE  IS  more effective in removing toxins;
        almost instantly!
        You feel the difference through either an increase of urination, a
         different color in your urine, or a stronger oder.
It is so simple people:
This site will CLOSE
at the end of OCTOBER, 2014.
Protect your body before then.
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